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Meet the talented K1 Pro.

Meet K1 Pro, the World’s most advanced personal, programmable, entertainment robot on the market.  With an industry-leading 17 servomotors and an impressive voice command ability – K1 Pro can run, walk, talk and even do a flip, all with simple commands via the included app, or the ease of your voice! K1 Pro comes built with 80 voice command movements and sequences – simply say ‘Hey K1’, he answers and moves at your command!

Your new robot BFF

Designed for the novice or beginner in programming robots, all the way to the professional enthusiast who is looking to further their knowledge and interaction with the world’s best robot companion.


Featuring more than 3,000 State-of-the-Art Components and 17 Proprietary Servo Motors, K1 Pro Is built with intelligence through and through. With 80 voice commands or App Control; Three Intuitive and Easy Programming Platforms Make Programming Fun with K1 Pro's Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.